File Preparation

We accept a wide range of vector file types, and offer file preparation and design services as well. Adobe Illustrator, PDF, DWG, DXF, or EPS are all file formats that can be laser cut or engraved. Please make sure that curves are completely closed, there are no double lines, and the file is 1:1 scale. Multiple artboards can not be loaded, so please separate them into individual files. ALL Illustrator files must be saved as version CS6 or lower.


Every file needs to have the material type, color, and thickness/dimensions included in the file name.

Files should be labeled:
"Material_thickness_number of times to cut the file"
It should look something like:
"clear acrylic_1-8 inch_4 cuts"


Make the most of your material by moving the cut-out components around to reduce waste/scrap. Keep in mind that the laser has a kerf between .01" and .03", so precision components may need adjustment.  

Nearly all the materials we purchase from our suppliers are 4' x 8'. 1/4" and 1/8" birch plywood are the only two materials that come in a special size; 5' x 5'. We can cut down the material beforehand, which means your file will need to be reconfigured to fit on 4' x 5' and 1' x 5' sheets, or 2'6" sheets.


If you are providing your own materials, please fill out and return a scanned copy of our Material Liability Waiver Form found here: