GRAND LASER WORKS INC. is a national laser cutting/ laser marking job shop based in the Brooklyn NY area, specializing in plastics, wood and composites. With more than 20 years experience in laser and automation we can truly serve our customers with "cutting edge technology" to make your needs work for you.


We can cut a variety of materials for many applications. Our cutting capabilities allow us to cut very delicate objects that would not normally be applicable to any other process. This process along with some of the most advanced software available, makes us one of the premier shops around.

Our CNC Laser Center incorporates the latest technology in laser optics, electronics, controls, software, beam delivery systems and positioning systems. By utilizing many high performance features, the laser is able to cut intricate patterns up to 4' x 8' sheets with close spacing and extremely clean edges. It is known for its .002" accuracy for contouring and its exceptional motion control of plus or minus .001" per axis. The precision designed laser head provides accurate and easy focal point adjustments to a .001" tolerance.

So if you need any laser job done, we are your experts! Contact us today for all your laser cutting, marking or welding needs. Pricing is reasonable and payment plans are available. Give us a chance to review your application and we'll show you how laser technology can have a positive impact on your turn-around time and bottom line costs. Email us today for more information, or give us a call at the above number.